Enjoy This Breathtaking Journey Through Jerusalem

by Leah Rosenberg

Are you ready to see G-d’s holy city in a remarkable way? Are you ready for a journey through Jerusalem? See the beauty of Israel’s capital.

A Journey Through Jerusalem

For those who have been to the holy city of Jerusalem before, you know how diverse it is. For those who haven’t, this video shows how many cultures and religions are seen in G-d’s city. When you take a journey through Jerusalem, you’ll see beauty and holiness.

Mankind understands the importance of Jerusalem and how central it is to the very existence of the world. Although it is the Jewish capital of the Jewish state, this production shows the magic, uniqueness, and significance of Jerusalem for many other people as well.

There is just something about Jerusalem. It is the city of Gold. It is the place where G-d’s holy Temple stood and will one day soon hopefully stand again. In the Talmud Kiddushin 49b, it says that ten measures of beauty were given to the world. Nine were taken by Jerusalem, and one was distributed all over earth.

It’s clear that Jerusalem has something special about it. You can try to describe it, but the truth is, you can’t. You can’t fully explain it because part of the beauty of Jerusalem is not something you can touch. It is something you feel. It is something in the air. If you have ever come to this holy city, you know that you will leave changed. Walking the streets. Seeing the spirituality. Hearing the sounds throughout the city of Gold. There is truly nothing like it.

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