One Uber Ride Leads To An Act Of Generosity

by Phil Schneider

Ellen finds stories that are so inspiring from everyday heroes and brings them out for all of us to see.

This Uber driver story is a story of a wealthy person helping someone down on their luck who literally changes the other person’s life around completely due to one thing – caring.  But true caring means taking action.  This idea of taking action on one’s feelings is not a given for so many people.  We should all gain inspiration from this story.

The best part of this story is that the person helping the struggling Uber driver did not merely hand her a blank check or pay off any bill.  He paid off her school bill that enabled her to finish up her schooling and build out her own career.  This is indeed the highest level of generosity – when one doesn’t just help another person, but helps another person to be able to help themselves.  This is true on multiple levels.  It is important on the psychological level and on the practical level.  A person who is independent will naturally have much more self-esteem than a person who needs help to get by.  But also, turning a person who needs support into a supporter of others is flipping one more person into a giver.  So, practically, this has a major impact on the welfare of the world in general.  These shows are not mere feel-good stories.  They are truly inspirational.

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