Ellen DeGeneres and George W. Bush go to a football game together

by Leah Rosenberg

Ellen DeGeneres always gives her audience a good laugh. But this video is so much more than just a good laugh. Listen to her message.

Ellen DeGeneres & George W. Bush

You might know Ellen DeGeneres as a hilarious comedian. You might love her show. She is definitely entertaining!

But sometimes, she gives messages that go beyond a good laugh. She might do it through humor, but Ellen has some opinions that the rest of America should listen to. And this clip from her show is a must see. Everyone is different, and as Ellen said, “I think that we’ve forgotten that that’s okay that we’re all different.” The comedian nailed it!

“Faith in America Again”

As it feels like the political divide in America is becoming more and more defined, Americans feel hopeless. Those who have different political beliefs have become enemies. As oppose to just accepting differences, things have gone out of control.

And that is why when Ellen DeGeneres and George W. Bush were captured sitting next to each other at a football game, it was upsetting that people used it for more political drama. Yes, DeGeneres and Bush may not stand side by side on the political spectrum. But that does not mean they cannot be respectful to each other. More than that, it does not mean they cannot be friends!

Although many (wrongly) responded negatively to the image, one Tweet stood out to Ellen. The Tweet was, “Ellen and George Bush together makes me have faith in America again.” As Ellen went on to say, we must be kind to everyone. Just because people may have different political beliefs, they can still interact positively. What a great message!

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