Elal Airlines celebrates 70 years with Israel

by Shira Epstein

There’s something really special about flying to Israel on El Al. El Al is the Israeli airline that brings you home. Home is where the heart is and our hearts are always in Israel. See how El Al is celebrating 70 years with Israel.

The history of El Al

Back in 1948, El Al changed a military aircraft into a civilian aircraft. They did this in order to take Israel’s first president, Chaim Weizman, to a conference in Geneva. In November 1948, just months after the State of Israel was formed, El Al became Israel’s flagship airline.

El Al Today

Today the Israeli airline flies to over 50 destinations worldwide, having a fleet of 45 airplanes. There are many special things about them but the one that sticks out is the kosher food it serves. El Al reflects the values of the state to which they serve. They only serve kosher in-flight meals and don’t fly passengers on Shabbat or Jewish holidays.

El Al is no ordinary airline though. On the one hand they are the only airline that has equipped their fleet with missile defense systems. They are known for their strict security, both pre and during the flight. Totally unrelated though, another thing that makes El Al stand out is their moral code.

El Al has flown to many destinations as part of humanitarian rescue projects. The biggest one that stands out is Operation Solomon. In 1991, it was an El Al civilian commercial plane that rescued 1,122 Jews from Ethiopia. El Al’s strong moral code meant that they set the world record for number of passengers on a commercial aircraft as they brought these people home to Israel.

As the Jewish people all over the world are celebrating Israel’s 70th birthday, those living in Israel will be able to see an El Al plane fly over as part of the countries national celebrations.

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