ECONOMY MINISTER: All They Seek Is Death

by Micha Gefen

Economy Minister Nir Barkat was interviewed on CNN today after the Lucy Dee succumbed to her wounds she received when terrorists attacked her and her two daughters Rinat and Maia who were killed in the Jordan Valley terrorist attack.

“Unfortunately, when the mother died just a few hours ago, they [the Dee family] donated the organs to save other people’s lives. And on the other side, the terrorists – do you know what they’re going to get from the Palestinian Authority? A million dollars for the rest of their lives – for killing innocent Jews,” Barkat said.

“That’s the difference between living as Jews, seeking life and making a better life for other people, and the terrorists, who all they seek is death. That’s all they seek.”

The PA rewards terrorists with millions of dollars for killing Jews. If the terrorist is killed the money goes to their families.

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