Dr. Phil and Netanyahu Sat Down for One of the Greatest Interviews Ever

by Phil Schneider

Dr. Phil is a master of straight talk. But he has also made a decision that he will not stand on the sidelines as he sees clear evil spreading in the world and massive support for the evil among young Americans. This is an unpopular and politically incorrect move on his part that should be lauded. Most people are too scared to take a side and he has forayed into a battle zone because he sees this as a battle between good and evil. 

Benjamin Netanyahu meanwhile is under enormous pressure as the Biden administration has decided to squeeze Israel exactly when Israel needs support from its greatest ally. But Netanyahu, more than any other Israeli politician, understands that when more than 70% of the Israeli population firmly believes in a certain path, he actually has no choice but to lead the country according to its will.

The Israeli population has actually never been as unified as they are today about one central security issue. Hamas must be destroyed – once and for all. And the only way to do that is to destroy all organized military activity by Hamas terrorists in Gaza. Netanyahu may not say it out loud, but he also understands that ultimately Israel will have to resettle Gaza or else Gaza will be retunneled and rearmed by the remnants of Hamas. 

Netanyahu deserves much credit for standing strong in the face of enormous pressure from within and without. But it is the Jewish people in the State of Israel who have actually undergone the major transformation, and the leadership reflects that reality. 

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