Domestic Terrorists in Portland Celebrate their “Victory” over Federal Agents

by Avi Abelow

Domestic leftist terrorists in Portland have been trying to damage, and even destroy via arson, a federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon. They are literally fighting with Federal agents to accomplish this.

In this clip the federal agents escape into the courthouse and the domestic terrorists celebrate.

This is domestic terrorism, period. These people are criminals and should be locked up.

Why is the mass media callingthem protestors? They are trying to destroy federal property and are literally fighting with law enforcement! These are domestic terrorists, not protestors.

Also, why in the world are these domestic terrorists allowed to do this night after night? They should have been jailed the first moment they tried to destroy federal property? 

Why are the politicians law enforcement allowing this domestic terrorism to continue?

Once again, we are seeing the erosion of law enforcement by politicians and some Police Chiefs. 

For the safety and security of all Americans, this leftwing domestic terrorism must be called out for what it is and stopped! 

Here in Israel our leftists are also getting bolder by the day with their anarchy and violence. They have not escalated their anarchist behavior to the level of Portland, thankfully. However, it is in everyone’s benefit, all over the world, that the Portland leftist domestic terrorists are stopped and all thrown into jail for many, many years asap. Otherwise their domestic terror tactics will be copy/pasted all over the Western world, including Israel, making all of our lives less safe.

On the positive note, again, this is a sign that is left is going down. It’s up to us to keep on sharing the truth and supporting our politicians and law enforcement who are dedicated to stopping the sinking left.

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