Did a BLM Leader Actually Compare Osama Bin Laden to Policemen in America?

by Phil Schneider

The importance of policemen and policewomen in America is now being taught to millions of people who live across America. The tens of thousands of BLM protesters who demanded that the police be defunded are dangerous people. Without solid law enforcement, crime goes up. Without basic law enforcement, chaos reigns. That is what went on in Portland and in other pockets of crime around the country.

When police chiefs in Chicago barely interrupt their own press conferences when shooting is heard outside and violent crime numbers rise steadily across many cities across America, everybody starts to take notice. The wave of BLM protests is now in the midst of a major boomerang that will be felt in 2022, more than in any other election cycle. There will be hundreds of no-name Republicans who will go up against incumbent Democrats and make serious inroads. Most will lose, but not by major margins. Any close race will be won by a Republican and Congress will probably turn into the most anti-progressive group possible.

But this doesn’t need to happen. The Democrats can come to their senses and reject their radical wing that demands socialist – give us more money now – ideas. But this will require a rejection of Nancy Pelosi’s leadership in Congress. Right now, it seems like there is a better chance of a massive Republican wave like the Newt Gingrich-led wave of 1994. This is an important time to speak up and demand to strengthen the police forces across the United States. The momentum is there as everyone is now seeing the results of the defund police movement.


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