Democrats Should be Mortified by This Video

by Phil Schneider

There are few places that justifiably should be completely safe. Not 90% or 95% safe, but at least 99.99% safe. Roads can never be perfectly safe. Sports fields are places prone to injury. But one place that should be safe is schools hallways that our young children attend. Another of course is airplanes. The ONLY way to keep schools safe over the short term is to have tighter security. What does that mean? Metal detectors at every school? Guards on every floor? Not necessarily. But it certainly does not mean reducing the police presence in schools.

However, the key to ridding public schools of crime is not a one step solution of adding security. Some schools need to beef up the security presence a bit, while others need to do much more than that. They may even need metal detectors. However, the true key to getting rid of crime in schools is not in the schools at all. It is in the homes that the students come from.

The key to minimizing juvenile delinquency in general is to work on more stable homes – especially in neighborhoods where a mother and a father raising children is not the norm. In many homes, especially among many minority communities, but not only in minority communities, mothers and fathers living in the home are rarely the norm. It is more often than not a single mother raising the children, or children feeling like a ping-pong ball between their divorced parents. Divorce among wealthy families has been prevalent for decades and continues today. Children indeed crave gifts and gadgets from parents. Some single parent homes have financial struggles and cannot afford this. But homes where the finances are not the issue, are often homes that raise juvenile delinquent children too. So, what is the solution?

What children need more than anything is a stable home with a Mom and a Dad – one Mom and one Dad. It’s really that simple, yet so difficult to implement for so many. But this norm has become a rarity in today’s day and age. So, Jamal Bowman and others may actually have a point in arguing that the key to school safety is not more police in the hallways. More police in the hallways treats the symptoms and not the cause of juvenile delinquency.

We need more treatment of the causes. That will only happen when today’s postmodern norms are rejected by masses of people in order to return to old-fashioned normalcy. It is not only our children that need this. We all need this in order to buck the breakdown of values due to moral relativism in today’s Western world.

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