Democrats Disgraceful Treatment of Attorney General Barr

by Avi Abelow

What you are about to watch is beyond shocking, it’s downright sad.

I have never seen anything like this, where the person brought to be heard is not allowed to be heard! It’s as if it was a coordinated effort to not allow the Attorney General to answer.

A Democratic society can only function when all sides are able to listen and talk to one another. There could be didagreemts and even a “war” of ideas, but it has always been done with respectful dialogue.

It’s as if that doesn’t exist anymore.

It could be that this kind of utter disrespect is done by both sides, however from my experience, in most cases it is the right-wing conservatives who are more willing to have dialogue while it is the left that tries to shut up the other side, not just in America, but in Israel and other places as well.

Any country that continues to experience this utter disrespect and shut down of dialogue, even when using the “rules”, is in big trouble.

Citizens can not be served when the political leadership acts like this.

The good of the country is first and foremost by being good role models for the next generation, it’s not pursuing your ideological agenda at all costs. Maybe that’s why so many youth are out rioting and disrespecting all forms of authority.

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