Democratic presidential candidates call to withhold aid to Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

What Elizabeth Warren (and others) said about US aid to Israel is wrong. She is living in another world and clearly does not understand the Middle East!

Aid to Israel is Military Only

There are some things you need to know and understand about US aid to Israel. Firstly, it is military – that is all. Israel does not receive other US aid aside from that. Secondly, Israel is required to spend 76% of the US money on US firms. That means it is all reinvested back into the US economy while helping Israel and America with military technology advancements.

The money Israel gets for military aid from the US pays for offensive weapons as well as R&D. Additionally, it helps cover the costs of defensive weapons like the Iron Dome defense system that has saved countless lives by shooting down Hamas rockets headed toward civilian populated areas in Israel.

Warren Doesn’t Care About The Jews

Elizabeth Warren’s comments show she does not care about the Jewish people. She wants to potentially cut aid to Israel over “settlements.” To start off, they are towns and cities that Jews live in because Israel is the JEWISH homeland! She has no right to act as if she understands what is happening in Israel when she clearly does not. And when she says that she would be willing to cut this military aid because of “settlements,” she is basically saying that it is fine if some Jews die due to the lack of military funding.

Where is the outrage at the Palestinian Authority for inciting violence and paying terrorists? Why do people like Elizabeth Warren only focus on Israel? AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib – some of the most anti-Israel people – have just endorsed Bernie Sanders. Apparently, Warren wants to join the club of antisemites. These people criticize Israel and remain silent as Palestinian Arab terrorists try to destroy Israel and the Jewish people. All they can manage to talk about are “settlements.”

Some More Facts

In case anyone wanted to know some facts, the Palestinian Authority has turned down three official US and Israeli offers for a “Palestinian” state with peace in return in the past 20 years. Why? Because they obviously do not want their own state. Their goal is to obliterate Israel and the Jewish people only.

But apparently Warren is too focused on the Jewish people building in their OWN homeland to even care about the real issues at hand.

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