Democratic presidential candidate sues Google for abolishing freedom of speech

by Leah Rosenberg

When you hear the headline “Presidential Candidate Sues Google,” you probably assume it was a Republican candidate. But find out who it really is!

Presidential Candidate Sues Google

When it comes to freedom of speech, it should not matter which political party a person associates themselves with. Freedom of speech is something that EVERY American should fight for and defend! And that is why when you hear the words “presidential candidate sues Google,” maybe you should not assume it was a Conservative. We should all hope that anyone would be willing to sue Google for trying to end free speech.

But in our world, we do assume that only a Conservative would sue Google. But we would all be wrong. Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard decided to sue google. She blasted them and others on the Left for trying to abolish one of the founding principles of the United States! What a bold move! Of course, this happened only once she was targeted by Google.

Don’t Liberals Want Free Speech?

Isn’t it a Liberal value to embrace free speech? Aren’t we supposed to all be treated equally? Don’t Liberals want everything to be equal? Because if they did, then no one would be shut down. Everyone would be able to say what they want.

But they have even tried to shut down a member of their own party. Gabbard is not a member of the Republican party. And people who are supposed to be on her side have chosen to try to silence her. That is how far Google has gone. And Tulsi Gabbard will not stand for that!

Tulsi Gabbard is not at all an Israel-supporter. She has many opinions that are very troubling. But on this issue, she is right. Google has way too much power to sway opinions.

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