Jim Jordan Slams Democrat Leader for Calling Antifa “Imaginary” on the House Floor

by Avi Abelow

This was Democrat Jerry Nadler, the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Really Congressman Nadler? Antifa is imaginary?

How can a Congressional leader be so disconnected from reality and the violence that ANTIFA has been doing in the United States of America, for years. Their violence is not new.

Here is a clip of NBC news interviewing antifa members back in 2019…

And here is a clip from the Los Angeles Times back in 2017.

How is the Democratic leadership lying to the American public about Antifa?

Thankfully, Congressman Jim Jordan called out Congressman Nadler on the House floor.

Thank you Congressman Jordan!

Congressman Jordan then interviewed Andy Ngo, an independent journalist who has been following and reporting on antifa for years. 

Andy’s life is literally in danger because of this critical work he is doing following and reporting on antifa activities. All of America, and humanity, need to thank Andy Ngo for doing what almost no other journalist or media company has been doing, reporting the scary truth about antifa. As GI Joe used to say, knowing the truth is only half the battle. Thanks to journalists like Andy and Congressman like Jim Jordan, the truth is out there. Unfortunately, Democrat politicians like Jerry Nadler who ignore the truth about Antifa, are making it hard for US leadership to fight the battle necessary to save America from the antifa violence and anarchy.

May G-d bless the American people with the leadership necessary to win the battle against the anarchist left.

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