David’s Sling Is Israel’s Newest Defense Against Terror Rockets

by Micha Gefen

David’s Sling made its debut during the latest Shield and Arrow campaign against Gaza based terrorists.

During its first operational debut, David’s Sling intercepted two Islamic Jihad rockets fired at central Israel. David’s Sling is a long range multi-mission interceptor designed to intercept ballistic missiles, rockets, high flying airplanes, and UAV’s. Given the multi-level capabilities of Israel’s enemies David’s Sling will help bolster the Jewish State’s defenses.

With Iran busy strengthening its control over Israel’s neighbors, Israel needs to constantly find ways to improve its air defense systems.

“What is great about David’s Sling and Iron Dome and the Arrow (Israel’s long-range missile defense system) is that they know how to distinguish, Yehoshua Kalisky, a senior researcher at Tel Aviv University’s National Defense Research Institute and former senior Ministry of Defense official told “Globes.” He said that in contrast to Iron Dome, which explodes near the target, David’s Sling hits the missile directly. “It knows how to maneuver using a radar that locates targets and an electro-optical sensor that hits the relevant target,” he explained. “The great thing about David’s Sling is its ability to maneuver. It moves at a hypersonic speed, over Mach 7, so no missile from Islamic Jihad or Hamas has the ability to deal with it.”

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