Dave Rubin’s Powerful Words From Jerusalem That Enraged the Anti-Israel World

by Phil Schneider

One does not need to be pro-Israel or Jewish to be moved from standing atop a building that looks out on the Holiest place in the entire world. That is exactly what the Aish HaTorah World Center is. It is the best place in the world – in the Old City of Jerusalem – to look down on the Temple Mount and think about what life is about and what role the Land of Israel plays in the world.

Most of the Temple Mount is not a central location to most Arabs in the world. But the Al Aqsa Mosque, which is located to the side of the location where the Jewish Temple stood for more than 800 years, is a central religious symbol to Arabs today. But it cannot compare to the bond that the Jewish people have to the Temple Mount.

For more than 1,500 years before the religion of Islam began, Judaism was completely focused on Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount at it’s heart, as the center of all Jewish life. Every wedding, Passover Seder, prayer on every Holiday, and daily prayer service, included a heartfelt prayer to rebuild the Temple. It is not just a minor mention. It is at the height of the service.

Jerusalem is not merely the capitol of the modern Jewish State. It is the heart and soul of the Jewish people. Yes, a place, a physical location in Jewish life has holy, non-physical, spiritual importance. Dave Rubin has emerged as a major player today in debunking myths and lies that fill up the standard media narratives today. It is very refreshing to hear his thoughts and feelings looking out on the holiest site in the world.

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