Coronavirus Strikes Israel Again

by Micha Gefen

After weeks of increased loosening of coronavirus rules, cases in Israel have begun to climb once again.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has claimed that he will reinitiate the lockdown if cases continue to mount and citizens continue to flout the little restrictions that are left.

“If we don’t change our behavior on wearing masks and keeping distance, we will bring reimposed lockdowns on ourselves,” Netanyahu said at the outset of the weekly cabinet meeting.

Others like DM Benny Gantz are insisting lockdowns are not necessary due to the need to keep the economy going.

Health professionals are insisting that people gather outside instead of inside where it is easier for the virus to spread.

Multiple challenges appear to be converging for Israel this summer – renewed coronavirus, extension of sovereignty in Judea and Samara, and an incensed Iran.

With the Trump Administration in free fall, can Netanyahu summon the strength and to steer Israel through the coming storm.

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