Corona Can Be The Opportunity We Need

by Phil Schneider

The prophet Jeremiah spoke out and warned the Jewish people that they need to improve their ways. He made it clear to the Jewish people that unless they repent, they will be punished by God. Of course, he was rejected by many. But some heard his words and decided that they were the words of truth. Some did not focus on the messenger, but on the message. Ben Goldstein may not be a prophet. But he boldly takes on the role of a proud Jew who both inspires and warns his brethren that Corona is an opportunity – perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – to reset our value systems and yes – make the move.

The first move that we need to make is to go back to the basics – to ourselves and our family. That is the most basic building block of everything in this world – looking inward – into our homes. Afterwards, it is incumbent upon us to accept that perhaps we have strayed from our true roles in this world.

Ben claims that we need to remember that the Land of Israel is beckoning for all of the Jewish people. Those who choose to go up and join in the building up of the Land of Israel will merit to be part of the greatest project of the history of the Jewish people in the last 2,000 years.

Yes, Corona has penetrated even the State of Israel – albeit, on a smaller scale thus far than the rest of the world. But, here in Israel, it is not merely about finding refuge, like Herzl preached. It is about being One with the Lord above. It is about living life according to the way that our Lord has commanded us. Heed the wake-up call – everyone in their own way – at their own pace. But let’s do it before it’s too late and we miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

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