Christian persecution is being ignored, and this is why

by Chaya Cikk

All religions, across the world, have in some way been persecuted over time. The Jewish People, as well as the Christians, but why don’t we hear about Christian persecution as much? Is it being ignored?

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an Island Country located in south Asia. Before it gained independence it was part of the British Colony. However, on the Island they found history dating back to 29BC. In the early 20th Century, the nationalist political movement arose to obtain political independence, which was granted in 1948.

Sri Lanka is a multi religious country, however, Buddhism makes up to 70% of the population. The second most popular religion is Hinduism, followed by Islam. Last is Christianity, making up around 8% of the population, most of the Christians are Roman Catholic. Christianity reached Sri Lanka in the early 16th Century.

On 21st April 2019, it was Easter Sunday and 3 main Churches and 3 main hotels were bombed. Over 250 people killed and many more injured, people from across the globe. All these people had one thing in common that they were Christians and they were being targeted.

Christian Persecution

Christians have been persecuted over the years. They were persecuted in the Roman Empire, Romans believed in many different beliefs and did not demand loyalty to one god. The tension between Islam and Christianity grew during the Ottoman Empire. As countries in the middle east became predominately Muslim, Christians became more persecuted.

Nazi Germany received some support from the Christians. They shared a common enemy, anti-religious Communists and Antisemitism. However, during the Holocaust there was 18% of the Polish Clergy were murdered. They were suspected to have ties with the Polish resistance or left wing group and trying to save the Jews.

In Somalia, in 2011, militants swore to eradicate Christianity. In Syria, by ISIS they have kidnapped many Christians. As in many other Muslim countries, Christians suffer greatly. Christians are being persecuted and targeted throughout the World and it can not be ignored anymore.

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