BILD: “China Must Pay For The Coronavirus”

by Micha Gefen

Very few videos on the web lay out such a clear, compact, and correct set of reason on why the Chinese Communist Party must pay for its responsibility over the coronavirus.

While the Bild’s case does not go into the root causes of the origin of COVID-19, it makes a fool proof argument on why China is culpable even if the virus was merely an outgrowth of poor hygiene at wet markets.

After all, China is a surveillance state. It knows everything about everyone and never hesitates to shut down free speech whenever it can, but in this case it chose not to do anything.

This is why China is responsible. They knew and for selfish considerations kept the information to themselves. Of course, this should not be surprising. The CCP has spent their time stealing intellectual property instead of building real innovation and now the world is paying for it.

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