Check Out Where the Arch of Titus is Being Displayed

by Leah Rosenberg

This is one of the coolest pieces of work out there. You have got to see the Arch of Titus in New York! Wow.

Arch of Titus in New York

Well, this is definitely unique! Although the Arch of Titus felt like a victory for Rome, in the end, the Jewish people survived. The Jewish people returned home to Israel. And the Jewish people continue to remain a people yearning for the ultimate redemption. Nothing can break the Jews. Nothing can destroy G-d’s chosen people.

“The Yeshiva University Museum and YU Center for Israel Studies celebrate the opening of the exhibition, “The Arch of Titus – from Jerusalem to Rome, and Back,” at the YU Museum. Built circa 82 CE, the Arch of Titus preserves sculptural reliefs that depict the sacred vessels of the Jerusalem Temple being carried into Rome by celebrating Roman soldiers, including a seven-branched Menorah, which, since 1949, has been the emblem of the State of Israel. The Arch of Titus has undergone many physical changes over the course of its long history. Featured in the exhibition is a life-size carved replica of the existing Spoils of Jerusalem relief panel from the interior passageway of the Arch, based on three-dimensional and polychrome scanning conducted under the direction of Yeshiva University’s Arch of Titus Project in 2012. (The replica and projected reconstruction have been developed and produced by VIZIN: The Institute for the Visualization of History together with Neathawk Designs, of Williamstown, MA.) Stretching from the Roman era to the present, The Arch of Titus – from Jerusalem to Rome, and Back explores the image and symbolism of the Arch from various vantage points – from emperors and popes to Jews and Christians, who re-interpreted the meaning of the Arch in modern times. Rare artifacts from collections in Italy, Israel and the United States illuminate the monument’s vibrant history, as the Arch itself went from monumentalizing victory to falling into ruination and, eventually, to being restored in the modern era. Learn more at…

Here is a great video about the Arch of Titus:

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