Chaos Reigns, But There Is Still Hope For The Future

by Micha Gefen

The partisan political battles raging after the Nov. 3rd election don’t see any sign of abating. However, the level of corruption that occurred concerning ballots may actually prove to be the trigger that moves the country past the post election quagmire fast than thought.

Corruption cases are all over the place in swing states and these cases are very clear. Due to the efficacy of the claims involved, Trump may be able to get through this using litigation. It won’t be pretty, but lets face the local party machines brought this on the country and now Trump and perhaps even Biden may have to use legal means to get to a resolution.

The irony is, that if the Democrats had stuck to traditional voting methods and dates as stipulated in the constitution, none of this would have happened and they might have still won. Now, the courts can toss out late ballots as they are constitutionally problematic.

Despite all of this, there is hope, because perhaps Americans from all sides realize that this chaos could have been averted and can be in the future. Let’s hope, because the alternative as we have discussed may truly be far more dangerous.

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