Ceasefire Holds Between Gaza Terrorists and Israel

by Micha Gefen

Over 24 hours have passed since the ceasefire between Islamic Jihad terrorists and Israel began. Besides a “malfunction” that sent a few rockets into Israel, all seems calm.

There is no doubt that Islamic Jihad got rocked in this round of conflict. They lost their entire upper leadership and gained very little for it. In fact, Bibi’s government which had been tanking in the polls rose considerably after the conflict. Israeli’s are able to see clearly the difference between the last government and this one. When it comes to security and daring to take out the enemy, the current Likud led government has shown it is far better than the previous.

The past week’s skirmish was more to do with Iran and its movement to surround Israel as it draws closer to nuclear breakout. While Islamic Jihad appears to have lost, Iran continues to gain strength within its new military alliance with Russia and China.

Israel knows that this round went to them, but long term, Jerusalem must deal with what the growing threat the defense pact between the three oppositional powers of China, Russia, and Iran means for the Jewish State.

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