Cardiac Death “by Coincidence” is Now the Leading Cause of Death?

by Avi Abelow

Everyday we see more and more headlines of people, especially youth and young adults, who are dying suddenly. In numbers like never before. Medical professionals have no explanations. They throw it up to coincidence, calling it Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS).

The following video is satire, and sad that it even has to be made. However, it is extremely important satire, highlighting the disappearance of all expected, rational input from the Western medical community, professionals we used to rely upon blindly to take care of our health.

Some doctors say that it can’t be the “safe and effective” vaccine, it must be covid or long-covid. However, the numbers don’t lie. Also, it is extremely unscientific for any and all medical professionals to say it can’t be the one variable that truly impacts people all over the world all the same time. Maybe it isn’t the vaccine, but to 100% dismiss it without any proper research? That is not science. That’s propaganda.

More People Are Using Creative Satire to Highlight the Connection Between the Vaccine and Sudden Deaths.

The above video highlights a message that the following video from a year ago was trying to wake people up to already back then, that we can’t trust anything put out by establishment media news programs, because they are propaganda machines of their sponsor, Pfizer! You think Pfizer would give them money if they would be publicize information critical of the vaccine?

And Finally, if you truly want to do deeper into seeing and understanding some of the underlying medical issues being uncovered in connection to the massive amounts of sudden deaths, and the probable connection to the vaccines, then watch the following movie.

Died Suddenly – the Movie

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