Britain finally has a PM who is honest about Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

The new British prime minister Boris Johnson says what he thinks about Israel. He sees the truth. Johnson knows Israel is not what the news says!

Boris Johnson & His Views on Israel

Boris Johnson was honest about Israel years before he even became the prime minister of Britain. This video is from 2015, but it shows how he is aware and intelligent. He knows that Israel is a thriving democracy and that anyone who tries to boycott it is just foolish. It is so refreshing to hear people speak like this. And now that Johnson is the prime minister, he will hopefully speak even more strongly in support of the Jewish state. Despite the backlash he received in this video from his comments about Israel, he still defended himself and his views.

Leaders Who Speak Their Minds

The world needs more leaders who speak their minds and are not afraid of what the media and the world might say about them. More than that, we need leaders who are smart enough to see the truth about Israel and not try to demonize the Jewish state. Whether it is because they are antisemitic, uneducated, or just afraid to swim against the tide, world leaders need to wake up.

British-Israeli relations may change for the better because of Boris Johnson. Maybe more leaders will follow…

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