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The IDF's covert mission ended with one of the terrorists in Jenin being killed as well as 2 PA officers,[...]
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Facebook hires people to make sure that it's readers are not exposed to sensitive content. The word sensitive is probably[...]
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Israel may soon abandon its diplomatic achievements because Yair Lapid and most of his partners in the new coalition want[...]
Israel’s Ex-Mossad Head Admits That Israel Was Behind Attacks On Iran
Yossi Cohen, the outgoing Mossad chief admitted on Israeli national tv that the Mossad was responsible for a number of[...]
Terrorists Throw Grenades at Brand New Samaria Town
Let's get something straight. Judea and Samaria belong to the Jewish people. And no one has a right to take[...]
Democratic Rep. Shocks Liberals with His Pro-Israel Statement
When will there be peace in the Middle East? The answer is quite simple. When the Arabs put their weapons[...]

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