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The IDF released aerial footage of the now infamous stampede at a humanitarian delivery point in the Rimal neighborhood in[...]
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Everyone is dying to know: What's the solution for Gaza? What should happen when Israel, with G-d's help, wins this[...]
Heartbreaking: Bereaved Mother Proves Why UNRWA Must be Replaced (Graphic Warning)
Powerful speech from Ayelet Samerano, whose son Yonatan's lifeless body was kidnapped to Gaza by an @UNRWA social worker:"You are[...]
Who is dehumanizing whom?
The Palestinians have not only dehumanized the Jews, they have dehumanized themselves. (JNS) There have been countless accusations against Israel[...]
The ticking clock on vanquishing Hamas
If Israel is going to rid itself of Hamas once and for all, it will have to make it quick.[...]
Iran takes a page from Israel’s playbook
All of the Islamic regime’s peripheral allies could be expected to launch attacks in response to a military strike by[...]

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