Blinken Might Step Down After What Ted Cruz Did to Him Here

by Phil Schneider

Checks and balances are one of the most vital features of the American political institutions that preserve the democratic norms of the three wings of government in the United States. Some would argue that they are the key aspect. Ted Cruz may seem like a bully when he cross-examines his political opponents. He certainly does not shy away from any confrontation. He seems to relish it. But in truth, he is preserving freedom and insuring that no branch of government usurps too much power – especially the Executive Branch.   

Below is the full version of Senator Ted Cruz Blasting the Biden Administration:

When Congress overwhelmingly votes to move massive funding – tens of billions of dollars – towards Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan in order to keep the tyrants and aggressors at bay, the responsibility to carry out the directives moves to the other branches of government. 

One of the most common methods of NOT fulfilling democratic decisions by overwhelming majorities is to drag feet on fulfillment. There exist a myriad of methods to do this. But today’s State Department and Defense Department think twice because they know that Cogressional members of the Oversight Committee will call them out publicly on this. Ted Cruz may be the most eloquent and hard-nosed. But Sen. Hawley and Congressman Jim Jordan are not scared to mix it up either. Today, they are the safeguards of our democracy against attempts to not fulfill the will of the vast majority of the United States electorate.

It should be noted that within a week or two of the decision to “stall” the transfer of weapons to Israel, America already found a way to move things forward and basically rescind the stalling of the weapons. This is due in no small part to the efforts of Senator Cruz. It can get hot in the kitchen. But politics is no place for the faint-hearted. 

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