Black Lives Matter Anarchy Has Gone Global

by Avi Abelow

Yes, black lives matter, but Black Lives Matter anarchy has gone global. The following clips are from different countries and cities across Europe. If you notice, there is one constant – anarchy. The police are on the defensive and rioters are causing damage and looting. 

There are lots of people upset at me for spending my time calling out the evil and anarchist black lives matter movement. They say I should instead be spending my time showing empathy for black Americans who suffer from systematic racism in the United States of America, and I should not focus on the violent protests and riots. But, I have said from the beginning, that this movement was about creating anarchy, not about fighting racism, and it was going to spread around the world, making life more dangerous for all of us. Therefore, I will not keep quiet, I can not keep quiet. This affects family, friends, the fabric of American society that will impact the safety of the world, and it can empower and motivate the left in Israel to copy/paste this anarchist behavior as well.

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Yes, of course, I have empathy for blacks who experienced racism, just as I have empathy for every person in every situation of injustice. 

However, I have focused on the anarchist aspect of the black lives matter movement because others are ignoring it. As this chaos continues more people will be unsafe, in countries all over the world.

It is a dangerous movement to us all, and most people are totally in the dark about what is really happening. Even many “peaceful” protests are scary with plenty of protesters chanting anti-American chants, or even just F the police and defund the police. 

Police officers are totally being shamed and few leaders are standing up to defend them. Why should people become police officers to protect the public if nobody is standing up to protect them? And what will happen to communities where police are afraid to enforce the law for fear of being punished? We already have that situation in Israel with IDF soldiers sometimes afraid to shoot at terrorists throwing rocks and molotov cocktails and it leads to more anarchy and the death of innocent people.

A third-generation cop wrote a recent Op-Ed in a US Law Enforcement publication called Law Officer. He wrote that there is no need to abolish the police because the police won’t be around to abolish. “Cowards are all around us. From Chiefs to Sheriffs to Politicians, no one has our back. I used to talk cops out of leaving the job. Now I’m encouraging them.” 

It is wonderful that there are plenty of good people, truly good people with the best of intentions, peacefully protesting. Some are actually working towards improving community-police relations in the US today to improve the injustices that black Americans experience. And I applaud them. 

Personally, as someone who sees the greater picture, of how our natural emotions are being manipulated by an anarchist movement, I will continue to call out the evil of the movement that is already spreading around the world.

May G-d above protect us all and bless us with the leadership that we all need, with the intuition, strength and bravery to stand up to this mob mentality and protect us all.

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