Bill Maher Nails It On LGBT Craziness (Hilarious)

by Phil Schneider

The LGBT population is a growing trend. It is changing fast. Supposedly, as many as 20% of the younger population today identify as LGBT. the trend is so rapid, that he hilariously notes that if trends continue, in another 30 years or so, we’ll all be gay.

But Bill Maher, a classic liberal who is willing to confront the LGBT community, is not doing it from a right or wrong perspective. He chooses to confront them from the angle of questioning whether some of the practices of the LGBT community are perhaps harmful. But to ask questions is already frowned upon by the silencing community. That is why what Bill Maher says is so important. He is not scared of being sidelined. After all, he labels himself as being “politically incorrect.”

The truth is that the very concept of a transgender is a fiction that must be labeled as such. The newly created concepts are spreading like wildfire in a very seductive way, in what appears to many young people as a pleasure-filled bohemian lifestyle of endless free choice. But what is actually happening is that the rise of the LGBT numbers is due to a trendy false lifestyle that is regional and not natural.

Bill Maher’s labeling of hormone blockers as absurd and labeling children as canon fodder in the LGBT war on the family unit is a sharp observation. Gender fluidity and other crazy terms are absurdities that should not be tolerated. They should be ridiculed. The fight for the sanctity of the family is on. Bill Maher is at least asking the right questions.

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