Bill Maher Shocked the Entire Liberal World With This Clip About Israel

by Phil Schneider

Who has the right to the Land of Israel? Is that what the debate is truly about? The Arabs claim it is their Land, while Israelis claim it is their Land? Right? Wrong. The debate over the Land of Israel is actually not much of a debate. If it were truly about national and historic rights, then Israel would have won the battle long ago. There has probably never been a people with a more historic claim to a land than the Jewish people’s claim to the historic Land of Israel. 

So what is the battle over the Land of Israel really about? If we simply listen to what the Arabs claim, it is actually a very simple answer. It is a Holy War – a battle of Islam against everyone else. A battle of Islam against anyone who does not follow the Islam religion. That is why the battle is alive and well on the streets of France, New York, and many other countries around the world. It is not merely a battle over Jerusalem and other Holy Sites. It is a Holy War. It is not a debate. It is a fight to the death for Arabs and a fight for survival for Jews.   

Somebody with a real estate claim does not scream, “Kill the squatters on my land!” But that is exactly what the people in Israel are dealing with.  The masses of Arabs across Israel and the world either call for the killing of Jews explicitly or in a more figurative manner they call for a State of Palestine from the river to the sea. The net result is the same – dead Jews. 

The only thing separating the aspirations of masses of Arabs to kill Jews from actualizing them is the Israel Defense Forces. Before the formation of the State of Israel, marauding Arabs attacked Jews mercilessly. Even when it seemed that things were calm and peaceful, beneath the surface, things were simmering. The Arab massacre of tens of Jews in 1929 in Hebron came following decades of relative calm and coexistence. 

That rude awakening led the Jewish pioneers across the Land of Israel to build up self-defense units on a larger scale than before as the British Army was clearly not a reliable option to defend against Arab attacks. Until the Israel Defense Forces was set up in the midsts of the War of Independence, the Jewish people across the world basically lived lives in constant peril. The most effective method of fighting was a passport. That ended on the shores of the Mediterranean. 

The world is still getting used to the Jew who fights back and kills the enemy with superior weaponry. The world is returning to a natural state wherein the Jewish people’s role as a light unto the nations is becoming a reality. Part of this process includes the ingathering of the exiles to the Jewish Homeland, building a powerful army, robust economy, and not cowering to enemies, but living as proud and upright Jews should. 

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