Biden is Asking Israel to Commit Suicide

by Leah Rosenberg

Should Israel fight a costly war against Nazi-like enemies throughout Gaza and then hand over the area of Gaza to the allies of the Nazis they are fighting so hard to destroy? Joe Biden sounds like a President who thinks that it is wise to fight a war for years in a dangerous area and then hand your enemies all of your weapons at the end of the battle. That’s exactly what he did in Afghanistan. Israel may make mistakes, even costly mistakes. But for Joe Biden to ask Israel to implement insane policies like the United States did is simply not going to happen.

Can Israel simply reject the United States? This is a common question which must be asked. Can Israel simply reject the superpower’s demands to hand over Gaza to the Palestinian Authority? The answer is that Israel MUST reject the demands of Joe Biden and Antonly Blinken, no matter how difficult, and no matter the consequence.

Why? It’s very simple. Nobody should even listen to demands to commit suicide. Joe Biden, along with his advisors have decided to follow the demands of Barack Obama, Ben Rhodes, and other Obama advisors who are filled with a genuine hatred for everything about the State of Israel. Biden and Blinken are different. They actually have proven to be rather stalwart in their support of Israel’s War against Hamas. But what they are demanding of Israel, for the day after the war, is pure madness. The old mantra of a two-state non-solution is pure madness that makes as much sense as Syria solving it’s Civil War by splitting into two countries or Texas handing it’s border areas to the illegal immigrants.

What matters most is what the mass of the population in Israel believes should happen. Pre-October 7th, there were many different opinions. But after October 7th, a massive majority of Israel’s population knows that only the Israel Defense Forces can defend against Arab attacks from Gaza, and Israel’s Army must be beefed up to levels that it has never seen in the past.

Israel is dealing with a massive minority that wants to kill Israelis in any way they are able to – some with more religious fervor and some with less. But they all mean every word of their pronouncements when they scream “From the River to the Sea” and “Kill the Jews.” The solution to Israel’s problems may not be via mass transfer of it’s minority population. But it most certainly must include encouragement of as many Arabs to move out of Israel as possible.

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