Biden Doesn’t Want Israelis Watching This Video 

by Phil Schneider

How many times have promises from the West, especially America, led to untold suffering in Israel? Every time a promise of peace from the West came with the Jewish people leaving their security to Arabs or some other entity, it always leads to Israelis paying the price. Ezri Tubi created an excellent short clip that sums up clearly what has happened every time Israel cowers to world pressure. 

Joe Biden and Sec. of State Blinken have been quite supportive of Israel’s war on Hamas. But they have taken a decidedly pro -“so-called-Palestinian” angle on what to do after the war. They have adopted the false narrative that there is a peace-loving mass of Arabs that Israel can hand over its southwest coastal area to. But they ignore that every time that Israel has tried the experiment, it exploded right back in Israel’s face.

Israel absolutely needs American support. But Israel absolutely needs to retain the ability to say “No Thank You” to demands from American administrations to sacrifice its citizenry on the altar of wishful thinking. The ABC of leadership on the political level is taking care of the security of one’s citizens. Israel must not, under any circumstance, continue to rely on American promises when America demands that Israel give over control of its Holy Land to Arabs.   

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