Bibi’s Statement to the Foreign Media has Silenced the Pro-Hamas World 

by Phil Schneider

Dictators, terrorists, and fascists can be stopped. But they only understand the language of force and the impact of superior fire power. They cannot be negotiated with, as they simply view negotiations with their foes as weakness to exploit.

But the main thing that Netanyahu has made clear is what liberal democracies forget time and again. Appeasement and collaboration with dictators is the oxygen that dictators and terrorists need in order to exist, thrive, and kill more people.

Neville Chamberlain meant well in 1938. But he appeased Germany’s leadership time and again. He was playing checkers and they were playing chess while fortifying their underground bunkers for their future battles. Stalin did not mean well. But before Russia’s massive Army fought valiantly and defeated Germany on the Eastern front, Russia collaborated with Germany for years and allowed the massive buildup and takeover of Poland and other countries of Eastern Europe.

Had the Germans been stopped in their tracks earlier, they would have undoubtedly been unable to kill as many millions of Jews, millions of Russian soldiers, and millions of Polish, British, French, Belgian, and other civilians who were caught up in World War II.

Today, the collaborators with Hamas are the newspaper outlets who refuse to stand up and call a spade a spade. Iran, Hizbullah, Turkey, Yemen, and other countries are not alone. They have anti-Israel press on their side. Either you accept the fact that Hamas, the leadership movement in the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian Authority, the leadership movement in Israel’s heartland, are twin barbarians who mean what they say when they say loudly that they want to “kill the Jews,” or you are an appeaser/collaborator. Western news outlets today mimic the idiocy of Neville Chamberlain while honest Muslims who protest against Israel on the streets of New York, Paris, and London exclaim clearly their goal to drive Israel into the sea.

One can choose to bury one’s head in the sand. But at times like this, those who ignore the fast-changing world will be forced to deal with the ramifications sooner than they may think. It’s time to wake up.

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