Ben Shapiro Perfectly Responds to Piers Morgan’s Ridiculous Questions on Israel

by Phil Schneider

There has never been a more just war than the war that Israel is currently fighting against Hamas. But in today’s day and age, when people have trouble seeing the difference between good and evil, it is a matter to discuss and argue about. 

Its not so complicated. Hamas are the modern-day Nazis. Yes, they are Nazis. America, England and the rest of the Allied Powers needed to create tens of thousands of German orphans in order to keep the Germans from killing even more millions than they already had. The creation of these orphans was completely due to Germans deciding to be Nazis. Today, the Hamas regime has decided to turn their own children into orphans by turning their neighborhoods into the greatest terror network in the smallest area of land. Hundreds of miles of terror tunnels were built with one goal – to kill Jews.   

Israel does not merely have a duty to protect its own citizens. Israel must do everything to make sure that all future terror actions cannot happen from Gaza.

Piers Morgan has so much trouble understanding that Israel attacking Arab hospitals that are used by Arab terrorists as terror bases is not a legal problem. Actually, it is a moral imperative for Israel to not allow Arabs to use Arab hospitals as terror bases. Whenever international law is invoked in order to attack Israel, it is nearly always done while ignoring the fact that the terrorists are the ones that violate international law and the Israelis are the ones following international law while responding in kind to the terrorists. 

The words that are missing are the words of right and wrong, good and evil. There is simply no clear way of analyzing what Israel does to defend itself without focusing on good and evil. Without it, Piers is right. Israel is hitting back too hard. But if Israel is truly eradicating evil, there should be no mercy at all against Arab terror. Otherwise, Israel will have to deal with more Arabs beheading Israeli babies and raping Israeli women. 

The world is starting to get used to the idea that Israelis do not cower. It is a different Jew than the Jew that existed in the exile for thousands of years. These Jews hit back hard and aim between the eyes. Victory in Israel’s War in Gaza will be measured by whether or not Hamas recognizes that they have suffered utter defeat. That has still not yet been achieved.   

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