Israel Bans 6 “Palestinian” NGOs – World Goes Mad

by Micha Gefen

With the world going through seismic shifts and chaos in a way which has not been seen since World War Two, the international community still finds it necessary to interfere in the internal decisions of Israel – even if it is in the right.

The latest tantrum is connected to the banning of 6 “Palestinian” NGOs by Israel. On the face of it, Israel appears to be in the wrong, but a closer look at these NGOS shows that they are in fact fronts for the terrorist group the PFLP. Most of the groups are made up of convicted killer and terrorists.

What is most ironic is that it is not the Netanyahu administration that banned these NGOs, but rather the left leaning Bennett government and its internationalist Defense Minister Benny Gantz. What this shows is that no government – left or right is good enough for the international community.

Foreign NGOs have for years used the “Palestinians” as props in their efforts to harm Israeli security and sovereignty from the inside. If there was some sort of praise to be given out to this government for something it was the decision to ban these NGOs. Hopefully more will come.

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