Bahrain Makes It Final – Says No To “Settlement” Goods

by Micha Gefen

After a surprising statement by Bahraini Tourism Minister Zayed bin Rashid Al-Zayani, while on a visit to Israel that seemed to imply Bahrain would import all Israeli products no matter what side of the green line they are from, Bahrain later corrected the following statement from Al-Zayani:

“We will treat Israeli products as Israeli products. So we have no issue with labelling or origin.”

It didn’t take long for the government in Bahrain to officially retract.

“The minister’s statement was not properly understood,” the Bahrain news agency reported. “The Economy Ministry is committed to the unwavering position of the Bahrain government, which has adhered to UN resolutions.”

UN Resolutions refers to the supposed illegality of Jewish communities being built in Judea an Samaria.

So why was Bahrain so quick to reverse their position?

It is true there was a lot of “Palestinian” pressure on Bahrain, but the “Palestinians” appear to be unimportant to Bahraini strategy. The fact is, Bahrain wants to move beyond “Palestine.” The PLO has been a kleptocracy from the beginning and with each passing day, the Abbas administration moves towards Iran. While Bahrain may be fed up with the “Palestinian” leadership, they are still hoping that a future leadership will arise to build long lasting peace. For now, a normalization deal with Israel serves them regardless of “Palestinian” aspirations.

It’s All About Biden

Bahrain and UAE are hedging their bets. The Abraham Accords are here to stay, but Biden wants none of the overt peace overtures and so things like “Settlement” exports are off the table. The name of the game for globalists is always destabilization. That is why the US Deep State tends to favor ‘Palestinian” narratives. With destabilization comes war and with war the US’ Military Industrial Complex can reassert itself – thus propelling itself back into the region.

Besides Biden, Bahrain’s street is a majority Shiite and with any moves of rapprochement and normalization, the street will explode if Bahrain is perceived of doing something outside the norm.

So does Bahrain really care? No, but years of manipulation and propaganda have taken its toll on the populace and with it, the ability to truly move beyond the “Palestinian” problem once and for all.

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