“Baby Shark” meets Shabbat in this incredible Maccabeats mashup

by Leah Rosenberg

Search “Baby Shark” on YouTube, and you will find it has over 2 billion views! And the Maccabeats did something genius with it!

The Maccabeats

The Maccabeats are a popular Jewish acapella band. They became extremely popular in 2010 with their release of “Candlelight,” a tune they borrowed from an English pop song. The Maccabeats got over 14.5 million views just from Candlelight! It is a song about Hanukkah, and it really took off worldwide – not only in the Jewish world!

The Maccabeats have created many songs since then.

Baby Shark

Baby Shark is a catchy and popular children’s song and video that was made popular by PinkFong. Once you listen, you really won’t be able to stop. Adults and children alike can’t help but to play the tune in their heads, over and over again. The song goes through baby shark, mommy shark, daddy shark, grandma shark, grandpa shark, and more!

Maccabeats Mashup

The Maccabeats did something brilliant. They made a song about Shabbat using the Baby Shark catchy tune. Take a look with the Maccabeats and Baby Shark at what happens throughout Shabbat. The lyrics take you through a shabbat day as follows…

It’s Shabbat, doo doo doo doo doo doo (x3)
It’s Shabbat!

Then they replace “It’s Shabbat” with light the candles, make Kiddush, eat challah, yummy food, Shabbat songs, family time, take a nap, and Havdala. The song is beyond entertaining, to say the least. The Maccabeats have done it again. You might just start singing this Maccabeats song at your next Shabbat meal!



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