As Biden’s Support For Israel Begins To Erode, India Steps Up Drone Supplies

by Micha Gefen

India has reportedly delivered 20 Hermes 900 drones to Israel. Although this would normally not be seen as significant, India’s arms deliveries to Israel may be increasing as the Biden administration threatens to cut supplies due to its disagreement with Israel on the latter’s war against Hamas in Gaza.

Israel and India have continued to grow closer in recent years. Trade has increased as well as defense cooperation between the two countries. India is considered an up and coming world power who see its relationship with Israel as a cornerstone of its future development.

As Israel works to develop its defense self sufficiency, India’s own defense industry may be looked at as a back up to America’s. While India cannot supply everything America does, its willingness to partner with Israel right now is a clear message that it views Israel as an invaluable ally against its own problems with Islamic extremism.

India has seen its own tensions rise with Iran as the Ayatollahs have attacked international shipping in the Indian ocean. India has also be viewed as a critical player and partner in pushing back against China’s expansion. Iran, China, and Russia have now formed a defense alliance, pushing India even further towards Israel.

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mhandels February 18, 2024 - 5:00 am

Although India reportedly delivered 20 Hermes 900 drones to Israel, India is a member of BRICS and wisely maintains a “neutral” foreign policy. Israel must quickly expand its defense capacity where it becomes self-sufficient and can abundantly resupply our guys in the IDF. עַם יִשְׂרָאֵל חַי

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