Are The Democrats Planning on Stealing the Election?

by Phil Schneider

Election fraud is not a new matter. Republicans have been pretty good at committing election fraud over the decades. But the Democrat party has recently mastered the craft via one massive breach in the system. That breach is called absentee balloting. And now that early voting is also being allowed, combined with absentee balloting, and the perfect playground for cheating has been created.

Cheating may not be going on in more than a handful of districts. But it is that handful of districts in the battleground States that will often determine the election outcomes. Every pollster, Democrat or Republican, knows this. But absentee ballotting clearly helps Democrats the most. The two groups of voters that are the most difficult to “get-out-and-vote” are both clearly pro-Democrat constituencies.

Those two groups are the elderly and the new young voters. 18-21 year olds are usually the least politically inclined and the most probable to be too busy to remember to vote. The elderly often have the most difficult time getting out and voting – especially if the weather is inclement.

But absentee voting and early voting allows the perfect solution to handle that. Operatives, a nice name, for hired cheaters, walk around with absentee ballots and offer to help these people fill out their ballots. As long as voting is not a one day event, but a one month or two month event, it is not very challenging for operatives, who miraculously often have some extra cash on hand, to bring in at least 20-30 voters every day. A few hundred operatives in a swing state working long hours can bring in 20-30,000 votes. At the level of $20 per vote paid to an operative, that comes out to around half a million dollars to swing an election. That is a bargain. A large TV campaign in nearly any State will be more than that.

Is this happening? Absolutely. The Epoch Times special report on 100 mules documented many of these cases. It may not be enough to tip an election that is not close. But 2020 and 2016 were close elections. Most people think 2024 will be a close election too.

This issue should be a bipartisan issue. But if the Democrat Party continues to fight for the elongation of voting day to a voting month, the Republican Party should spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in tech devices that will document and prove to the American public that Watergate and the Lewinsky scandals were nothing compared to the built-in cheating that the Democrat Party has undertaken to win and stay in power.

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