Arabs Stone Israeli Bus outside Damascus Gate in Jerusalem

by Leah Rosenberg

Jews are constantly being attacked outside Damascus Gate – one of the gates used to enter the Old City of Jerusalem. It must stop!

Arabs Stone Bus Outside Damascus Gate

Sadly, this is not the first time this has happened, especially recently. Attacks outside Damascus Gate are too common, and our leaders must do something about it. Whether its Arabs stoning, stabbing, shooting, or using whatever other means they can to harm Jews, these terrorists have done it.

Can you imagine being on a bus and having stones thrown at you? This should not be taken lightly. Stones can kill. We are not talking about a tiny, harmless pebble. When Arabs use stones as weapons, they have killed Jews.

The world wonders why there is no peace in Israel. They blame the Jews. But you don’t see Jews standing outside Damascus Gate waiting to attack Arabs. You don’t see Jews throwing stones at Arabs’ heads, or stabbing them, or shooting them. You don’t see Jews ramming cars into Arabs. Because the culture in Judaism is to be peaceful. And sadly, the culture amongst the “Palestinian” Arabs is quite the opposite…

The problem is that videos circulate the internet of police detaining young “Palestinian” children, and then the world thinks the Israeli police are at fault. What the world doesn’t know is that these “children” have done something murderous – like throwing stones. Large stones. At innocent Jews. That is never justifiable, and if people want to stop seeing children being detained, maybe the “Palestinians” should stop teaching their children to become murderers.


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