Arab Youth Attack Israeli Grandmother With Brick in Broad Daylight

by Leah Rosenberg

This is sickening and disgusting. Do you see what these Arab youth do? What they are taught? This woman could have been killed!

Arab Youth Throw Brick at Israeli Grandmother in Car

When will it end? These are Arab youth! Children! When will Israel wake up enough to properly deal with this problem? These types of attacks happen way too often. The “Palestinians” educate their children with such hatred. They teach them to be violent. Thank G-d, this woman wasn’t injured. But in the past, attacks like these have injured and killed innocent Israelis. Can you imagine if this happened in your city? In your town? If you drove your car and saw children winding up to stone you with bricks?

Jews educate with love. They teach their children values. And that’s why you don’t see Jews stoning Arabs on a daily basis the way you see Arabs stoning Jews. You don’t see Jews shooting and stabbing Arabs, but you see the Arabs shooting and stabbing Jews. One side is the violent side, and it is so obvious.

The issue is quite simple, and it is insane that the world doesn’t see the truth. It is insane that even Israelis do not all see the truth. It’s black and white. And it’s time people woke up.

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