Arab world speechless by what Saudi TV series said about Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Is this the beginning of a new era? Is the Arab world actually starting to understand that they have been fed lies about Israel? Maybe in Saudi Arabia.

Is the Arab World Changing?

Is it possible that the Arab world is changing? The fact that this TV series in Saudi Arabia called “Exit 7” portrays Israel in a slightly more positive light than the norm is unbelievable. They acknowledge that they have been fed lies about Israel their whole lives. The scene actually talks about the “Palestinians” in a negative way. Can you imagine? This is not some Arab secretly supporting Israel and second guessing everything he has been taught. This is a TV series! It is available for the public to see. It may not be perfect, but it is definitely something. Recognizing that Israel even exists is shocking, being that the “Palestinian” leadership refuses to recognize that.

Recognizing Israelis as People

Another interesting and notable point made in the scene is the fact that the actor says, “Israelis are people, just like you.” Jaw-dropping! Recognizing that Israelis are people is a huge step. The Arabs who want to murder Jews see the Jews as animals, despite the fact that Israel has the most moral and humane army in the world. So hearing a show in Saudi Arabia call Israelis “people” as oppose to regular “apes and pigs” is a huge leap in the direction toward a better future.

Israel has Only Prospered

The scene addresses the fact that Arabs constantly say that Israel will eventually be gone and disappear from the map. But what’s the truth? Israel has only become stronger. The Arabs have not scared Israel away from being the only Jewish country in the world. Israel is a prosperous and successful country filled with people who put their lives on the line to defend the country and the people they love.

The scene is not long in length, but it is most definitely far-reaching.

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