Arab violence against Jewish families who bought homes outside Old City

by Leah Rosenberg

Once again, Arab violence against Jews gets no international attention. When its Jews getting attacked, the world doesn’t care.

Arab Violence Against Innocent Jews

15 Jewish families moved into homes that they bought in Silwan/Kfar Hateimanim, outside the Old City walls. The response? Arab violence.

Kfar Hateimanim was originally a Jewish community founded by Teimani Jews, hence its original name of Kfar Hateimanim. The British kicked the Jews out before 1948 because they wouldn’t protect them from the Arabs. Arabs then moved in and took over the community. They only then renamed it Silwan.

Today the world says that Jews purchasing homes and moving into this community is illegal according to international law, and they call it an “occupation.” Is that the truth? Far from it. But that’s international law when it comes to the Jews. Nothing is based on facts. History means nothing to the international world and is completely ignored. There is no justice, and violence against innocent Jews is justified.

The world is upside down.

Ramallah Lynch 20 Years Later
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