Arab teen tries to stab police officers in Jerusalem’s Old City

by Avi Abelow

Too many Arab children are taught to hate and murder. It is frightening that an Arab teen, just 16 years old, is already a terrorist.

Arab Teen Tries to Stab Police

An Arab teen was arrested on Monday for trying to stab police officers in the Old City of Jerusalem. A resident of East Jerusalem, this 16 year old has already learned to be a terrorist. He was shot in the hand by police and stopped from committing an act of terror.

It should shock the entire Western World that such a young teen would do something like this. It should cause all those who have values to criticize the Palestinian Arab culture and call for a change.

But the World Blames Israel…

But no, instead, the world criticizes Israel. Somehow, Israel is to blame for everything. Palestinian Arabs are suffering at the hands of their own leaders? Let’s blame Israel. Gazans are living in poverty? Let’s blame Israel. Young children are taught to hate and murder Israelis and carry out terrorist attacks? It must be Israel’s fault.

It is NOT Israel’s fault! Israel is a democracy. Israelis teach their children values. They teach them to love and accept others. They teach them about life. Palestinian Arabs teach their children to murder and hate. They teach them that the Jewish people stole land. But that is the thing – they teach them lies. The Jewish people have lived continuously in their own God-given homeland for thousands of years. Dig up the land of Israel, and there is proof everywhere. So when a 16 year old Arab teen tries to stab Israeli police officers, it is not Israel’s fault. It is the culture of the Palestinian Arabs that needs to change!

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