Arab Israeli says something about Israel that makes anti-Israel activists cringe

by Phil Schneider

Have you heard any BDS anti-Israel rhetoric? If so, it’s time to get deprogrammed. It’s time to say it like it is. The BDS movement is a movement to get rid of jobs for Arabs. That’s right. If you support making Arabs poor, and believe that anything that can be done against the economy of the State of Israel is the right thing to do, then you belong in the BDS movement. You support the movement to keep Arab refugees poor.

Democratically Elected Arabs in the Middle East

The Middle East is a place with very few democratically elected Arabs in any government. Jordan, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia are all forms of dictatorships. Some are friendlier than others. But they are all still dictatorships. Many of their leaders have been elected by 99% of their population.

But there is one place where Jewish people and Arab people vote together on election day and vote in Jewish and Arab representatives. That is the State of Israel. Not only Arabs who are citizens of the State of Israel benefit from the State of Israel. Arabs who are still in the status of “refugees” also receive top notch medical care from top-level trained Jewish and Arab doctors who work together in harmony in all of Israel’s hospitals.

So, if you would like to understand why Arabs say they would rather be a member of a Jewish State and not an Arab State, it is because it is always better to be a member of a democracy than a dictatorship. You may not like the leader of the democracy, but you can vote him out of office. But the dictator is there till he is overthrown – usually in a violent fashion. Democracy is good.

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