Arab boy dances on graves at Mount of Olives

by Leah Rosenberg

This is extremely disturbing. How can anyone have such disrespect at the Mount of Olives? It is a joke to this boy and the one videoing him.

The Mount of Olives

The Mount of Olives is the oldest Jewish cemetery in the world. King David’s son Absalom is buried there, as are some of the prophets. There are great sages buried there. Prime Minister Menachem Begin is buried there as well.

People are supposed to act with respect at cemeteries. Sadly, there has been vandalism over the years and desecration at the Mount of Olives. And now this video of an Arab boy dancing on the graves of those who have died is sickening to watch. Their culture is teaching such hate and disrespect. Jews do not teach their children this way. The two cultures are so different. Peace can come when these Arabs stop teaching so much hate to their children. Peace can come when these Arabs teach their children to love and respect those around them. If generation after generation is educated to despise the Jewish people, how can there be peace?

In the meantime, this should be considered a crime, and those responsible should be brought to justice. This should never be tolerated by anyone.

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