Antisemitism Pours Out Of Qatar At The World Cup

by Micha Gefen

While the Abraham Accords promised a new era of peace between Arab countries and Israel Shiite majority and Iran ally Qatar, this year’s host of the World Cup appears to not be interested.

Many Israeli soccer fans, journalists, and other personalities who flew to Qatar have experienced outright antisemitism. One former footballer, Eli Ohana had to change his national identity in mid conversation with a Qatari police officer.

Qataris and others have been captured on video insulting and berating Israelis.

While Qatar continues to show negative responses to Israel, this is in stark contrast to the Sunni Gulf States who have always been at odds with Qatar’s alliance with Iran. From the UAE to Bahrain and now even Saudi Arabia, when it comes to the Sunni Gulf States, peace is truly far more of a reality.

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