In Australia, Anti-Semitism Is Alive And Kicking on a University Campus

by Phil Schneider

Avi Yemini walks right into Melbourne University to see why the Student Union stands up to fight for the rights of Arab terrorists to attack Israel.

There is nothing actually new in this short video. But that is exactly the problem. Nearly every University today is infested with an almost knee-jerk attitude that is anti-Israel. Why is this and how did this evolve? Was it like this in the 1960’s and 1970’s?

The turning point was in 1967. But things changed gradually over the next few decades. Israel was the underdog that turned back it’s powerful enemies time and again. But in 1967, Israel did not just win. It more than tripled it’s size and seemingly overnight became a military power to be reckoned with in the Middle East.

But in truth, the victory was overstated and only led to a short amount of quiet in the Middle East. Within a short amount of time, Israel found itself fighting a seemingly endless War of Attrition in the following 3 years. Israel became complacent and ultimately paid the price in 1973 when Egyptian and Syrian forces surprised Israel with a massive attack from the South and the North. Following the first few days when Israel suffered heavy casualties, Israel launched a massive counter attack that proved very successful. Israel won it’s fourth war despite heavy casualties. It became clear though that Israel was here to stay – even when it suffered heavily in war. Israel was indeed a power to be reckoned with.

Less than 30 years after the end of the Holocaust, the change was beginning. The anti-Israel haters of the world were beginning to gather strength. Then, despite Israel signing it’s first peace treaty with Egypt in 1979, Israel was now viewed as as the strong country in Israel. For the first time in Israel’s history, in 1982, Israel fought a war when all of the major media agencies in the USA, ABC, NBC, and CBS all accused Israel of being the aggressor. Despite the fact that Israel was fighting a terror organization, the PLO, that was crystal clear about their intentions to destroy Israel, Israel was still treated as the aggressor.

Anti-Israel forces realized that the major press agencies were on their side. Then, in the early 80’s, the “big lie” was created. The “big lie” was that there was a national entity called “palestinians,” and they had a national aspiration to have their own State in a land they termed “Palestine.” This became the new battle cry for all Israel haters. Now, antagonizing Israel became a human rights issue for the poor Arab people, coined the “Palestinians.” It didn’t matter that the Arab national aspiration was a new manufactured form of nationalism that actually hid the reality of pure anti-Jewish hatred of millions of Arabs.

From then till today, very little has changed in terms of the tactics used by anti-Israel haters. The goal of Arab anti-Israel haters continues to be the destruction of the State of Israel. But today, all of the anti-Israel haters have convinced so many people that there is a genuine human rights issue behind the Arab-Israel conflict. That is how it became stylish on University campuses to hate Israel. The goal must be to fight back with a strong campaign that spells out the fact that it is a big lie that stands behind the entire anti-Israel movement.

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