Anti-Semitic Attack on Synagogue in Canada Caught on Camera

by Avi Abelow

Antisemitism reared its ugly head again in North America.  This time, the act was caught on film in Canada. The perpetrator performed this willful and premeditated anti-Semitic attack on a synagogue in Thornhill, Canada.

In this first video, watch a hooded man approach the Synagogue and throw a brick at the Synagogue doors.

After his first unsuccessful attempt, he didn’t give up, but kept going.  He clearly threw the brick twice at the doors.   The second time though, he threw the brick closer to the front door.  This time he succeeded and smashed the synagogue doors in.

Rabbi Mendel Kaplan of Chabad witnessed the act.  He saw the suspect smashing the glass doors in the entryway of the Synagogue with chunks of rocks at about 9:45 AM, Wednesday morning.

The Rabbi Speaks

“The person went out of his way to climb over the debris to be able to approach our synagogue, and if you look at the video there’s clear pre-meditation, he thinks and re-thinks,” Rabbi Kaplan told CP24. “When you see the way he throws that stone, the malice and the hatred is really obvious.”

“This is the ugliest and most grotesque form of hatred and racism being directed against a visible minority group. Any decent Canadian should be outraged,” Kaplan said. Kaplan hopes the surveillance footage he published on his Facebook page and circulated to media outlets would help catch the suspect.

Hijab Hoax – Yes, Synagogue Attack – No

Just recently Canadian officials responded to a hijab attack in a manner that hit the headlines worldwide .  In the end, it turned out that it was a hoax. Yet this attack on a Jewish Synagogue has elicited no response from Canadian officials.

The Rabbi of the Synagogue, Rabbi Kaplan, summed up the issue in a facebook post:

“Despite this obviously anti-Semitic and hateful act, (which was) replete with the historically ominous imagery of shattered glass, there has been nothing but deafening silence….From the very same moralizing elected officials who flipped out when a young Muslim girl faked an attack on her Hijab.”

The Rabbi continues “I guess racist hate directed against Canadian Jews is all that important… Sickening. Infuriating. And quite frankly, frightening.”

Rabbi Kaplan summs up this very sad situation with a final pointed and important question. “Will any public officials have the courage and gumption to acknowledge the truth and deal with this glaring disparity?!”

Watch Rabbi Kaplan’s interview on a Canadian radio program.  He explains why Canada should be up in arms:

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