Anti-Israel Protesters Yell the Truth Loud and Clear on the Streets of New York

by Leah Rosenberg

What do the “Palestinians” really want? To live in peace with Israel? Quite the opposite. These anti-Israel protesters shared the truth.

Anti-Israel Protesters on the Two-State Solution

How do anti-Israel protesters view the two-state solution? They actually want a one-state solution. They want to destroy the Jewish state and establish another Muslim state. There are 22 Arab countries. There is 1 Jewish state. Does the world not see that?

You can hear them yelling on the streets of New York, “We want all of it. We don’t want two states.” They are not interested in making peace. They only want to destroy the one and only Jewish state and drive all the Jews “into the sea.” And that is clear from history. The Palestinian Arabs have been offered their own state many times before. They have rejected time and time again. And what happened when they were given Gaza? An area that was filled with greenhouses and beauty? Hamas destroyed it. They turned Gaza into a terror zone instead of using it to build their own state.

The protesters here are sharing the truth that all they want is to destroy the Jewish state. They want ALL of the land that G-d gave to the Jewish people.

And sadly, much of the world supports their immoral endeavor.

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